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Coming June 2014 for teen readers: REPORTING UNDER FIRE.


I've been wondering about Stonehenge since 1964.



In the topsy-turvy whirlwind that’s publishing today, one fact is holding strong: young people must have quality books to read about history and science.

Increasingly, we authors of nonfiction for kids hear that big trade publishers are turning away nonfiction titles. Their reasoning: kids and teens who need to write reports can easily ferret out information on the internet. Why should a kid pick up a book when a few clicks lead to any number of web pages filled with facts and figures?

Why indeed. Facts and figures are not enough. Well-crafted narrative nonfiction places facts in context for young readers, not only to give them an interesting read but also enabling children to build mental connections across space and time.

Who's wondering about what at Grasslands Elementary School?

Who's Tam Cassidy?

Tam Cassidy is my pen name for Avery's Pumpkin: A Halloween Tale. a a story that was in my head (and on multiple revisions of printer paper) for more that 20 years. It's now an e-book. You can find it at on Amazon for multiple Kindle apps at http:/​/​​k4lbxe2. I'm also working on a version for Nook.