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For Teachers and Parents

I'm an Author on Call! Check out my web-based visits courtesy of CILC.

My newest topic with Authors on Call is MUMMIES EXPOSED! 


I'm looking forwaord to working with educators and program coordinators to bring true tales about mummies to your learners, young or young at heart.

Schhol Visits Tailored to Meet the Your Students' Needs and Interests

WONDER with the Brilliant, Bizarre Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton looked up and saw something no one had figured out—how everything “up there” works in sync with everything “down here.” Introduce your students to history’s most famous scientist — along with activities they can do at school or home.

Theodore Roosevelt Rides Again
Our 26th president did far more than spend a night in a museum. We think of him as the rough and ready warrior looking for a fight, but Roosevelt wrote scores of books, launched the National Park system, and stopped working at his White House desk at 4 p.m. when his sons wanted to play. Learn why today’s events echo TR’s life and times.

Get it Down and Shape It Up: The Process of Writing
My workshop shows students how authors go through the writing (and revision!) process. Young writers will learn how to brainstorm ideas and “talk their ideas onto paper.” Most important, they’ll understand why reworking an assignment will help them write something to be proud of.  

The Courageous Chemistry of Percy Julian
Dr. Percy Lavon Julian, a plant chemist, was the first African American named to the National Academy of Sciences.  In the 1940s, Dr. Julian synthesized cortisone from soybeans in a laboratory, making this wonder drug affordable for children and adults suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. This presentation takes students through Julian’s life and times in segregated America, with simple explanations of Julian’s chemical breakthroughs.